American Airlines understands traveling must be an expensive affair for passengers who are still studying. Therefore, the airline offers special student discounts through third-party service providers, such as Student Universe.

You have the opportunity to grab American Airlines Student Discounts if you are studying in an educational institute registered by the airline. These discounts will help students who are pursuing academic courses to save more on travel costs. So, if you are a student and looking to fly with AA, check out this article for more information about student discounts.

What is the American Airlines Student Discount Policy?

Learn the guidelines set by American Airlines for student discounts and save more on your travel expenses. Review the key highlights to enjoy a seamless booking experience:

  • The airline offers up to 20% discount on booking fees to eligible students.
  • AAdvantage members are allowed to save more with student discounts.
  • To access special student deals and discounts, the passenger needs an active ID from a registered educational institute.
  • Eligible students can book tickets up to 10 months in advance with AA student discounts.
  • To save more, the airline allows students to combine promo codes and student discounts.

For more detailed information, contact the AA customer service team. The team is available 24/7, so you can get better assistance whenever you need it.

What Documents does American Airlines ask for Student Special Deals?

To enjoy exclusive deals and discounts, the students need to show the following documents:

  • Students need to share their school or college ID to grab special student discounts.
  • The airline will only accept your ID as supporting documents if your educational institute is registered with AA.
  • To prove your age, the airline may ask you to show your birth certificate along with other documents.

Who is Eligible for the American Airlines Student Discount?

Students who hold valid ID cards from schools or universities enrolled in the American Airlines Student program qualify for special discounts. The student needs to have an active ID card with details of the educational institution. During the booking process, the American Airlines Reservation representative will verify the supportive documents before sharing student discount codes with you.

Please Note:

Since the airline changes its eligibility criteria more often, it is a must to contact the AA customer service team before initiating the booking process.

How to Get a Student Discount with American Airlines?

You can grab special student discounts from American Airlines by executing the steps mentioned here:

  • Dial 800 - 433 - 7300 and get connected with an available agent.
  • Request the agent to book your tickets under the student discount scheme.
  • The agent may ask you to share
    • School/University Name
    • Student ID Number
    • Birth Certificate(to verify age)
  • Share the requested information.
  • Pay applicable fees to receive your e-tickets with the confirmation mail.

For Students traveling from or to the United States or Canada, the airline operates flight booking service in multiple languages. Have a look at the mentioned table for more information:

LanguagesAmerican Airlines Reservation Number
English800 - 433 - 7300
Spanish800 - 633 - 3711
French800 - 756 - 8613
Portuguese866 - 824 - 8717
Japanese800 - 237 - 0027
Mandarin Chinese800 - 492 - 8095

Source: American Airlines Official Website

Is a Student Discount Available for a Group of 9?

Yes. American Airlines allows students to travel in groups. They can take advantage of discounts by contacting the reservation team. For some routes, the airline may allow discounts only if all the passengers hold an AAdvantage membership.

Please Note,If you are flying in a group of 9, you do not need to contact the Group Travel Booking department. Simply reach out to the reservation team and ask them to finalize your booking under the student discount program.


American Airlines allows students to save more with special discounts. So, whenever you need to travel, use your student ID card to protect your savings from hefty booking charges. You do not have to worry, as student discounts are available for more than 100 destinations worldwide.

At last, if you have any queries about this cost-effective booking approach, speak to the customer service team. They will help you solve your concerns and get you the best bargain available.

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