Are you looking forward to an upgraded flight trip experience? America Airlines is your best choice to up your journey delight. Thanks to the American Airlines Seat Upgrade approach, you can easily jazz up your experience in the air. The airline allows you to upgrade to business or first class. Simply pay with miles or hold an elite status.

Non-elites can get upgrades with miles whereas elites can make the most of SWUs and complimentary upgrades. However, the airline has made scoring these upgrades a breeze now. There are myriad options to up your travel experience with AA and get premium services. So, scroll down and learn more about getting AA upgrades.

How Can I Upgrade Seats on American Airlines Flights?

When flying with American Airlines, you can easily upgrade your seats for an enhanced experience. Here’s how -

During Booking

Get an upgrade while booking your AA trip through the website with systemwide upgrades (SWUs).

  • Find the link to systemwide upgrades.
  • Search cabins with seats available for upgrade.
  • Call your AAdvantage® status service desk.
  • Request an upgrade.
  • The number of upgrades required is deducted from your balance (if available).

After Booking

With American Airlines, you can upgrade your seat after purchase anytime before check-in.

  • Visit the American Airlines official website.
  • Login to your account.
  • Check SWUs in your account.
  • Hit the Manage Booking tab.
  • Retrieve the booking.
  • Select your flight.
  • Click the Upgrade icon.
  • Go through the seat map.
  • Check the seat availability in Business class.
  • Pick your seats.
  • Payment for the upgrade.

Alternatively, call the airline’s customer service team at 800-433-7300 (English) and 800-633-3711 (Spanish).

By Using Miles

AAdvantage members can use their accumulated miles to upgrade their seats. The number of miles required for an upgrade varies according to your cabin class, seat availability, and flight route.

Paying with Cash

You can also get an upgrade by paying in cash. The charges depend on the specific flight route and the upgrade type you want.

Please note

  • The agent will check the booked itinerary eligibility and share the list of available seats among which choose the preferred option. At last share the accurate miles account number or pay via Card.
  • If you don't hold a status, purchase a ticket and upgrade it to the next cabin using a combination of cash and miles.

What is the American Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy?

It is important to know the guidelines to get an upgrade. So, here are the American Airlines Seat Upgrade policy highlights for your reference -

  • To determine your upgrade eligibility, your AAdvantage status is the most important factor.
  • Upgrade offers are based on passenger’s eligibility, including their elite status, fare class, upgrade requests, ticket status, and purchase history.
  • The upgrade is subject to seat availability and is for a one-way ticket with three segments maximum.
  • Upgrade offers received on the day of departure cannot be put on hold and must be paid for when the offer is made.

What are the Types of AA Upgrades?

To upgrade an American Airlines seat, select from options like First Class and Business upgrades. With these options, the airline caters to different requirements and preferences of travelers. Here, let’s take a glance at the upgrade types -

  • Systemwide Upgrades: The Elite AAdvantage and Million Miler members receive systemwide upgrade certificates. Although subject to availability, these certificates assure flexibility and upgrade to any flight segment.
  • Complimentary Upgrades: Other Elite status members, such as Executive Platinum and Platinum Pro get complimentary upgrades on domestic and short-haul international flights as per the availability.
  • Business Class Upgrades: Economy or premium economy ticket holders can buy a business class upgrade. Enjoy a luxe experience with great dining options, priority services, and lie-flat seats among others.
  • First-Class Upgrades: Grab a first-class upgrade on select international and domestic routes. Have an indulgent experience with the best of comfort and luxury than all other upgrades.
  • Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats: Select from Main Cabin Extra and Preferred Seats to travel in the economy with extra legroom.

Please note

The upgrade details might be subject to change. Get in touch with an AA executive for more information.

What Is American Airlines Seat Upgrade Cost?

The American Airlines seat upgrade cost is $40-$90 per 500-mile segment for -

  • Premium Economy
  • Business Class
  • First Class

Flights to Contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Canada starting from Contiguous 48 U.S. states, Alaska, Canada -

  • From Discount Economy / Premium Economy - 15,000 miles + $75
  • From Full-Fare Economy / Premium Economy - 5,000 miles
  • From Full-Fare Business - 15,000 miles
  • From Discount Business - 15,000 miles + $175

Please note

The upgrade cost may vary as it is subject to the fare type and travel destination.

In Conclusion

Therefore, you can easily upgrade your seats with the airline for enhanced comfort and convenience. So, if you are flying with American Airlines and have made your Seat selection, upgrade it for a rewarding experience.

Use miles, SWUs, cash, etc. to up your flight trip delight. With upgrades get extra legroom, faster boarding, and even an added bag allowance. Upgrade to the next cabin of service on a one-way trip with up to 3 flight segments.

So, wait no more. Upgrade your AA seats and add to your flight trip experience today!

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