Are you the one who is making changes to the flight schedule at the last minute with American Airlines? If yes, you do not take stress as the airline offers same-day flight change to most routes and fare types. With American Airlines Same Day Flight Change policy, you can make changes to your flight schedule as per your requirements.

With the same-day regulations, passengers are free to choose when to fly and where to fly. You do not need to think twice before making changes to your schedule; simply pay the applicable charges, and you are ready to fly on your terms.

What Is The American Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy?

As we know, American Airlines offers the maximum facility to passengers who want to change flights on the same day of departure. However, to complete the process efficiently, you will need to obtain detailed information on AA's Same-Day Change Flight policy. Let’s find out more about it:

  • Your new flight needs to depart from the same airport and land at the same destination airport.
  • As per the American Airlines Same-Day Flight Change Policy, the selected flight must have the same routes and stops as the original.
  • For most routes, non-refundable and promotional ticket holders are not eligible for same-day flight change with AA.
  • Passengers who made reservations directly from American Airlines qualify for same-day change on selected flights.
  • The airline allows only AAdvantage members to make changes or use standby features for both earlier and later flights.
    • Rest can make changes and use the standby service for earlier flights.
  • Same-day change facility is available on flights operated by American Airlines or American Eagle.
  • The airline does not guarantee you the same-day change or standby as it solely depends on the availability of the requested service.

Please Note

  • AA allows passengers to use standby features if they are unsure about their flight journey.
  • In most cases, the airline may not charge you for standby; however, speaking to the customer service representative is a must for a clear picture.
  • The American Airlines standby feature will help you relax and allow you to make the necessary changes to your itinerary.

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How to Request Same-day Change with American Airlines?

The airline accepts same-day flight change requests through online and offline methods. AA gives you the freedom to choose the method that best suits your interests and perspective. Now, let’s explore different ways by which you can request a flight change on the day of departure.


You can accomplish the mentioned step on the AA’s website and mobile app. The steps are the same for both approaches. Scroll down to understand the steps in points.

  • Open the American Airlines website ( mobile app.
  • On the homepage, look for the My Trips option, and select it.
  • Write down the booking confirmation number and your last name in the respective field.
  • Tap on the Search tab to find your trip.
  • Select your flight.
  • Tap on the Change option.
  • Make new changes to the flight date, time, and cabin class as per your needs.
  • Pay fare differences and other applicable fees.

Please Note

For some routes, the airline may ask you to submit a flight change request at least 24 hours before departure. If you need more clarification, contact the customer service representative.


You have the option to contact a customer service representative to request the American Airlines Same Day Flight Change form. To reach the representative, follow the instructions discussed here:

  • Dial the AA customer service number 1 800 433 7300.
  • Listen to the IVR prompts.
  • Select the appropriate key to set communication language.
  • Follow the instructions, and you will get connected with one of the available agents.
  • Request the agent to submit the same-day flight change form on your behalf.
  • The agent will ask you to share information like
    • Booking confirmation code’
    • Your last name
  • Share all requested details.
  • The agent will find the booking and initiate the flight change process.
  • Pay the associated charges, and you are ready to fly to your dream city.

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How Much Does AA Charge For Same-Day Flight Changes?

The airline charges fees for same-day change; however, the costs will depend on where you are flying, your fare class, and your membership levels. Discover more about the charges through the following points:

  • The airline charges USD 60 or more as American Airlines same-day flight change fees for flights to or from the United States, the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Flights between and through New York and London Heathrow will charge you USD 160 or more for requesting flight change on the day of departure.

Standby Service

  • Passengers traveling from or to the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands can use the standby feature for free.
  • Flights traveling between or through New York and London Heathrow are not eligible for standby service.
  • Passengers are not eligible for standby if their flights are traveling to or from Canada and the Caribbean.


Changing a confirmed flight journey on the day of departure is a stressful job to perform. However, with the American Airlines same-day flight change policy, your tensions are covered. If you need to make changes to the flight schedule at the last minute, simply contact the airline and the designated team will make all required changes in your itinerary. The best part is that customer service is available round the clock, helping you to overcome such hurdles with efficiency. So, whenever you encounter difficulty, get connected with the team, and solve your concern quite comfortably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the city where you are flying, the airline may allow you to make changes to your itinerary. Connect with an official for more information on the same-day change policy.

No. AA requests passengers to make changes in their flight itinerary at least 24 hours before departure. For some scenarios, the airline may allow you to change within 24 hours of departure.

AA does allow same-day flight facility changes for free, depending on membership levels. Premium members may enjoy this, but with some restrictions.

No. The airline may not allow you to make changes in the flight schedule with promotional tickets.