Missing a flight is stressful. As American Airlines knows this pretty well, it helps you with handling this situation and even request a refund for it. So, count on American Airlines Missed Flight policy, if you will miss or have missed your flight.

With the airline’s standby and other features, you can continue with your travel plans closely, even after you have missed your flight. Its flexibility adds to your options of flying without spoiling your travel plans on missing a flight.

Now, go through the details of what to do if you miss your flight with AA. Also know the guidelines, method to rebook another flight, and more information for your convenience.

What to do if I Miss My American Airlines Flight?

Do you want to know what happens if I miss my flight with American Airlines? You are at the correct place.

If you know that you are going to miss your flight, inform the airline at the earliest possible. Although the airline can’t hold the flight for you, there are chances that the airline’s executives will rebook the next available flight for you.

Rescheduling and Compensation Options

You can stand by for an earlier flight without fees. However, only AAdvantage members can stand by for a later flight on the same day, if the new flight meets certain rules.

For instance, it must depart on the same day, take the same route as your original flight, and have the same number of stops.

To understand more about what to do on missing an AA flight, go through its missed flight policy below.

What is American Airlines Missed Flight Policy?

You tried to reach the airport on time, but couldn’t make it. And you miss your AA flight. Relax. Go through the American Airlines missed flight policy highlights to have a better idea about it -

  • If you have missed a flight by a short window of 15 minutes, contact an AA executive at the airport. This allows you to rebook the next flight immediately without extra charges.
  • The airline rebooks you on the next flight available if you miss a flight by a few minutes or are late to reach the airport and can’t check in.
  • You will be on stand-by if you reach the airport within 2 hours of your flight’s departure. Get tickets for the next flight at no extra cost.
  • If you have checked your bags, the airline doesn't allow you to be on a stand-by. But the AAdvantage elite members can go for a standby in this situiation.

How Can I Rebook an American Airlines Missed Flight?

If you have missed your flight and want to rebook another one to continue with your travel plans, follow the quick steps mentioned below -

  • Visit the official website of American Airlines or its mobile app.
  • Enter your booking details like -
    • Travel dates and destinations
    • Number of travelers
  • Click the Search button.
  • A new page shows flights options.
  • Select a suitable flight.
  • Enter your travel details.
  • Make the payment as/if required.

The airline will email you the rebooking confirmation.

To know more, about rebooking after an AA missed flight and related details, contact its customer service team.

Do I Have to Pay a Penalty for Missing an AA Flight?

No, American Airlines, doesn’t charge you with a missed flight fee if you rebook another one within 15 minutes of missing it. However, no-shows are not provided a refund.

So, you can stay relaxed as you don’t have to pay any penalty or a missed flight fee to the airline.

Does AA Refund for a Missed Flight?

Yes, the airline provides a refund for a missed flight, but it depends on several factors. Take a look at some of the major factors below -

Depending on the fare type purchased and your ticket type, the airline might find you eligible for a travel voucher, a full missed flight refund, or a rebooking on the next available flight without extra costs.

However, keep in mind that -

  • You won’t get a refund in case of a no-show. However, the airline gives you a refund even on a no-show (in certain circumstances). Contact the airline to learn about such situations.
  • If teh no-show occurred due to an emergency or a medical reason, AA considers your refund.

In Conclusion

Simply put, the alien understands that you might face certain unexpected situations while traveling that result in missing your flight. That’s why the American Airlines missed flight policy is designed in the best interest of travelers.

Follow its guidelines and you will have a hassle-free experience of your trip with the airline. So, don’t worry if you can’t catch your AA flight. The airline covers you well with flight rebooking and other alternatives.

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