You reach the departure gate and learn that your flight is delayed. It's a sore situation, and you can’t do much as your planning gets disturbed, and the ticket value drops. However, if you made a booking with American Airlines, your booking is in safe hands. The airline safeguards your reservation with multiple compensations. If your flight is delayed or canceled, you can reach the final destination on the next available flight without paying additional charges, according to the American Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy. On the same booking, you are also entitled to free seat upgrades depending on the scenario. The compensation may not recover your happiness, but it can shield those wounds that can’t be covered.

Does American Airlines Compensate for Every Delayed Flight?

American Airlines does allow passengers to receive compensation for flight delays or cancellations. The airline understands passengers must experience some hindrances when making schedule changes due to flight delays. To help them in such scenarios, the airline has implemented specific changes in the American Airlines Flight Delay Compensation clause. You must submit a request with supportive documents, such as boarding passes, confirmed tickets, and authentication ID, as it will help you advance the compensation process.

What type of compensation is offered by American Airlines?

American Airlines is one of the few airlines that admitted to the uncertainty of flight schedules. They offer multiple compensation packages to passengers, helping them get some relief during such a tough time.


  • Under the Flight Delay Compensation clause, American Airlines will compensate you for hotel and transportation expenses if you need to stay overnight.

Travel Credits

  • The airline allows you to get a refund as a form of travel credit if they are canceling flights on their side. You won’t need to manufacture any additional documents; the refund value will be returned to you as travel credit.

Meal Voucher

  • If your flight is delayed for three or more hours, your American Airlines Booking qualifies for meal vouchers. You can use them to have complimentary beverages during the waiting period.

Free rebooking

  • If the airline fails to provide flight services within the promised time after delays, you will be compensated with a free rebooking facility. You have the freedom to book seats on the following or desired flight within the available date at no additional charge.

Cash Credits

  • Passengers traveling to or from EU airports will also benefit from cash credits if their flight is delayed for controllable factors.

What do you do when you miss your delayed flight with American Airlines?

You must take the sweet with the bitter. American Airlines will notify you about the delays to minimize your hustle at the departure gate. However, such delays may demoralize your spirit, and you may seek some relief through monetary or non-monetary compensation. Thanks to the American Airlines Flight Delay Compensation Policy, you can file a compensation form for every delay of more than 3 hours.

  • First, check with the airline to get information about the reasons for the delays.
  • Please review your fare conditions. If your booking allows you to file a compensation form, you must submit the request at the counter.
  • The agent will determine your request and allow you to enjoy monetary or non-monetary benefits as compensation.
  • In specific scenarios, you will receive up to USD 600 as compensation for an international flight delayed by more than 5 hours.

How can you claim compensation from American Airlines if your flight gets delayed due to operational errors?


The airline allows tech-savvy people to submit compensation online. You will need to complete the user authentication process using a username and password. Once you are on the homepage, execute the following discussed steps:

  • Scroll down and select the “Contact American” option. It is under the “Help” tab.
  • Look for the “Delayed or canceled flights” option and select.
  • The system will take you to the “How can we help you‘ page.
  • Expand the “Topic tab” option and select the last option named “Trip Insurance Verification.”
  • Next, tap on the Subject tab to select the “Verify flight cancel/delay” option.
  • Fill out the American Airlines Flight Delay Compensation form, mentioning your contact and flight information.
  • Review the input and tap on the Next tab.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to submit your compensation form.


Under the American Airlines Delayed Flight Compensation clause, passengers are entitled to receive some source of payment if the flight is delayed for more than three hours. Submit the form to claim compensation at the nearest helpdesk. Before submitting a request, note that the airline will not compensate you if the flight gets delayed due to bad weather, thunder, hurricanes, or any uncontrollable factors. In such scenarios, you must cooperate with the airline to take efficient action.

What if American Airlines canceled your flight?

Does American Airlines cancel your flight after frequent delays? If so, you are entitled to a full refund, including taxes. The airline must inform you in advance about the cancellation; if they fail to share information on time, they must bear transportation expenses along with booking fees for some destinations. The airline will issue a refund to all even if they have non-refundable tickets.


Anyone can miss their flight due to delays; however, getting frustrated is never lovely. In such situations, you must act wisely and look for better alternatives. You can use the moment to request a refund, access lounges, enjoy complimentary beverages, and many more. Yes, these rewards will never compensate for your feelings toward your vacation, but they can allow you some inner peace on such a challenging course.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can claim compensation by submitting the form online or visiting the nearest American Airlines customer service center for quick resolution.

American Airlines has a different time frame for allotting compensation in case of delays. The airline generally allows monetary and non-monetary compensation for flights that are delayed for three or more hours.