Planning air travel with American Airlines but worried about the hefty air ticket fares? Don’t stress yourself out, and look for the cheapest day to book flights with American Airlines. The airline releases its fares a year in advance from the date of travel. So you have plenty of time to look for affordable deals and discounts.

You can search for the lowest fares of the month when searching for flights on the AA website or connect with their team of professionals for better options. Take a look at the details below and decide when you can book your tickets with American Airlines to get the most affordable fares.

Understanding The American Airlines’ Book Low Fares Option

American Airlines (AA) tries to make travel easier for you by giving you excellent route options and amazing fares to fly with them. You can directly search for the “American Airlines Book Low Fares” section on the web or search for the lowest day to make reservations with them. This section lets you find several round-trip and one-way fares for select routes at the best prices on specific dates.

Apart from this Book Low Fares option, there are plenty of other ways to find the most reasonable prices on American Airlines tickets. You can check the ideal best day to buy flights, use tools like a low-fare calendar, search your desired flights on fare compare websites, and more. Let’s study it in detail below:

When is the Best Day to Buy American Flights?

According to the research data from various online sources, the best days to book flights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. So, the ideal time to purchase your American Airlines tickets is during the middle of the week. Among these days, Wednesday is the cheapest day to book with American Airlines, followed by Tuesday and Thursday.

If you need more information on the same, feel free to connect with the AA customer service representatives and get the desired help.

What Is The Best Time to Buy Cheap Flights?

Technically, there is no golden rule about the best time of the day to buy cheap flights. If you are looking forward to booking American Airlines tickets, you can check the desired route on a red-eye flight. Read on to understand the perfect time when you can score cheap deals on AA flights:


Late-night flights, also called red-eye flights that take off at midnight and arrive at their destination before daybreak, have a significantly lower ticket price. Therefore, you should fly and purchase your tickets during these hours.

Early Morning

Some early morning AA flights also offer the lowest fare options. Since only some people book tickets during these hours, flights during these hours are the cheapest. Purchase your tickets before 9 AM to take advantage of the best fares.

How to Get Cheaper Flights on American Airlines?

You can always turn to AA for flying within the budget. Here are a few quick tips to book cheap American Airlines flights and help you save on your flight trip expenses.

Have Flexible Travel Dates

Try to be flexible with dates while booking flight tickets.

Join the AAdvantage Program

You can join the AAdvantage Loyalty Program, earn points, and book flight tickets.

Book Basic Economy Tickets

Get the lowest prices with basic economy flights. Enjoy comfortable seats, free snacks, soft drinks, and inflight entertainment.

Use the Low Fare Calendar

Use the American Airlines Low Fare Calendar to find the lowest possible flight fares.

Book 49 Dollar Flights

Look for 49-dollar flights on American Airlines and fly at surprisingly low fares!

Is it Affordable to Buy Tickets at the Airport?

To be honest, this is not the case. If you are purchasing flight tickets at the airport, the prices tend to be higher than usual, especially if it is a last-minute flight you are trying to catch. You may find a last-minute deal if you are lucky and some passenger leaves his seat and no one is already in line to occupy it.

Overall, flights are cheaper when booked online or through customer service. Still, make sure to try if you have no other options. Who knows? You may get a good deal from an airport agent.

Last Word

That’s all to book an American Airlines flight ticket on the cheapest day and time. The tips mentioned above can help you travel without burning a hole in your pocket. To learn more and get help regarding booking low AA flight fares, connect with a customer service executive.

So, wait no more. Set off on your next adventure with an AA trip on the cheapest days of the week. Grab your tickets today!

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