Yes. You can change your flight with American Airlines. The airline accepts change requests on the same day of departure. However, depending on the flight type, change requests need to be submitted at least two to four hours before the scheduled time.

Through its flight change policy, American Airlines offers flexibility and allows passengers to change their flight schedule at their convenience. Be with us as we have prepared a detailed blog on American Airlines Change Flight guidelines, which will help you protect your future travel plan from unannounced misfortunes.

What is the American Airlines Flight Change Policy?

Before initiating the flight change process, you must adhere to the flight change provision of American Airlines. For better reference, have a look at the key highlights mentioned here:

  • Passengers who wish to make free flight changes must request changes within 24 hours of booking, and the departure date must be two or more days away.
  • Basic fare holders do not qualify for same-day changes. They must request rebooking and pay associated charges.
  • Passengers making changes outside of the free change period will need to pay American Change Flight Fees based on fare types and flight routes.
  • For the schedule change made by American Airlines, the airline will offer free seats on the next available flights to the same destination.
  • If passengers are hesitant to continue the journey, they can opt for travel credits, which are valid for 1-year from the date of booking.

How to Change a Flight with American Airlines?

The airline accepts flight change requests through online and offline methods. You are free to choose the method that best suits your preferences. Follow the techniques discussed here to change a flight with American Airlines.

Online Change Flight Method

  • Use the AA website or mobile app to be on the homepage (
  • Tap on the Manage Trips options.
  • To find your desired journey, enter the following details in the respective fields
    • Booking Reference
    • Last Name
  • Tap on the Find Reservation tab.
  • The system will show your bookings; choose it.
  • Tap on the Change tab.
  • Make all required changes following on-screen prompts.
  • Pay change flight charges along with the fare differences.
  • In the end, AA will share confirmation mail on your registered ID.

Offline Change Flight Method

  • Dial the AA customer service number 800-433-7300.
  • Implement IVR prompts to reach available agents.
  • Request flight change sharing reason.
  • You may need to share all supportive documents.
  • Pay flight change fees and other associated charges.
  • At last, secure confirmation mail for future reference.

Please note

  • If you book your tickets with travel agents, you must contact them directly to make the required changes.
  • You can request changes at the airport or airline center. However, you will need to make an additional effort and be in the queue to get the desired result.

Does American Airlines allow Passengers to Make Changes in Flight Departure Time and Date?

Yes. The airline understands that passengers may need to make changes to their scheduled itinerary due to bad weather, natural calamities, the death of an immediate family member, a change in plans or mood, or any other factors. By paying applicable fees, you can change the flight departure date and time, even on the same day of departure. Contact the American Airlines customer service team for further details on flight change rules.

What if American Airlines makes changes to my flight schedule?

Changes in flight schedules made by American Airlines(AA) due to operational failure, outbreaks, air traffic errors, airport closures, bad weather, or any uncontrollable factors qualify for compensation. Let’s discover more about them here:

  • No need to pay American Change Flight Fees and fare differences if changes are made to date and time.
  • In some scenarios, the airline may allow you to change your arrival airport. However, you need to choose an airport around the original one.
  • If you are changing departure or arrival airports that are not closer to the original, you may be required to pay fare differences and other associated charges.

Please Note

According to the American Airlines Change Flight approach, passengers may be eligible for a refund in the form of travel vouchers if the new fare is cheaper than the original one.

How Much Does American Airlines Charge for Flight Changes?

American Airlines charges you nothing or up to $400 depending on your fare type, time of change, and place of origin. Here are the further details on change flight fees:

For Same Day Change

  • Same day changes are allowed by paying the difference and change fees. Passengers traveling with Main Cabin fares will need to pay USD 50 or more for making flight changes.

Passengers Traveling with Premium Fares

  • Passengers traveling with flexible, first, or business fares will not need to pay any change fees. However, fare differences will apply based on the cabin class you chose to fly.

Flights flying from North or South America

  • The airline does not charge change fees if the changes are requested on the same day of booking and the departure date is at least one day away.

If the departure point is other than North or South America

  • Passengers who request changes after 24 hours of ticket purchase will need to pay up to USD 400 or more as Change Fees to American Airlines.

What are the No Change Fees Rules by American Airlines?

American Airlines does charge change fees depending on the fare type the passenger owns. However, the airline also allows flight changes without charging change fees if requested within the allotted time. Let’s discover more about this:

  • Changes requested within the same day of reservation and departure dates at least two days away qualify for free changes.
  • Free flight change is available on all fare types, even passengers traveling with basic economy tickets.
  • Passengers holding awards or promotional tickets do not qualify for free change. They need to rebook their journey by paying additional charges.


If you change your travel plan with American Airlines, you must adhere to their change flight policy. This approach assists you in making all suitable changes to your itinerary. However, try to make changes as soon as possible to offset hefty change fees. If you still have any queries, communicate with the official team for a better interpretation of the flight change rules and its charges.

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